The podcast that tells you all about the things
you never knew didn't exist.

Episode V - People Liked Tackling Me Honestly

Watch out for polar bears as you peek into the gray void that is schooling in not-Antarctica.

Episode IV - Horsemeat Ranks as International in My Book

Try to keep up as we take a jog down memory lane, recounting very predictable surprises.

Episode III - The Most Famous Anthropomorphized Dinosaur of All

Plunge into the Serengeti with us as we search for well know facts and prevaricate on obscure trivia.

Episode II - Assimilate When They're Aunting

Prepare to discover the true meaning behind Labor Day and it's surrounding English traditions.

Episode I - Societal Ramifications of Head Gear

Welcome to the maiden episode of the Tricorn Show. May you find your prize at the end of these bits.